Exhibition Preview

About the Exhibition
The Global Sourcing Expo, formerly known as the International Sourcing Expo, is a significant event for professionals in industries such as apparel, textiles, home goods, and gifts to engage in purchasing and global sourcing. It provides a platform to connect with over 800 manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Wuhan Bizarre Sports Company is a foreign trade company with years of industry experience. International trade fairs provide an excellent platform for us to expand our global perspective and seek out more high-quality partners.
Our company also has a wealth of experience in participating in exhibitions and visiting foreign clients. More details can be found in the content under the hashtag (#TalkingToWorld).

The exhibition has already held its first round in Sydney this July, receiving a warm response. Over the course of the three-day event, approximately 3,500 visitors attended.

For more information about the exhibition, feel free to visit the official website: https://globalsourcingexpo.com.au/.
For this exhibition, our company will showcase a new brand and logo. We are looking forward to this trip to Australia bringing us fruitful outcomes!

In November, 2023,  we participated in the Global Sourcing Expo held in Melbourne, Australia.

2019,  we participated in the Global Sourcing Expo held in Melbourne, Australia.

2020,  we participated in the Live broadcast of online exhibitions in Canada

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